¿is it possible to take the best practices from the aviation industry and adapt them to your company?

We joined our different backgrounds and expertise in the aviation, military, IT and oil and gas industries to understand how knowledge among different business areas could be passed from one industry to another.

This became the purpose of our company, one dedicated to the promotion of best safety practices and standards and the improvement of organizational procedures, and operational efficiency and optimization.

We believe that every company can achieve their desired productivity and efficiency without compromising the safety of their operations, by following the aviation industry best practices and adapting them to their business.  

We identified key areas for said transference of knowledge: training, operational, maintenance and organizational management.

We not only want your business to grow, but for you to help your industry grow with you.


We offer a variety of options for acquisition of the following products and services:

1.Unmaned Aircraft Systems (UAS) / (Drones / RPA´s)

    • Operations
    • Training
    • Safety
    • Logistic Support   

2. E-learning

    • Aviation Basic and Advanced Courses
    • Oil & Gas
    • Transport Systems

3. Specialized Sofware

    • Safety Management Systems
    • Risk Management
    • Aviation Management

4. Logistics and Support

    • Aviation Spares
    • Aviation Maintenance Support
(+57) 313 294 1592
(+57) 313 294 1592


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